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How does the program communicate with parents regarding schedules, updates, and any changes to the program throughout the season?

A week before the season has begun a TeamSnap will be created for each team. Coaches will communicate schedule changes through the app and update the schedule once the tournaments have finalized their schedule.

Which team does my son play on? 

Athletes are placed onto teams base on their high school graduation year. Athletes are allowed to play up a level if the coaches and parents agree the athlete can keep up with the higher level of play. athletes cannot play down a level. 

How is playing time determined?

Playing time will be determined by the coaching staff based on the situational factors in a given game. It is ultimately the coaches decision on who to put in and where. If a player has questions on playing time they should seek out a coach after practice or between games on what they can do to improve.

How are hotels and Travel handled by the team?

Hotel reccomendations will be sent out by the team at the beginning of the season. Players and Families are not required to stay at any particular hotel.

What is included in the team uniform and when will they be handed out?

Team uniforms include a reversible pinnie, Shorts and 2 Shooter shirts. They will be handed out before the team attends it's first tournament. 

We are unable to make one of the tournaments can I still register for one?

If you are unable to make one of the tournaments please reach out and we find a solution that works best for both parties. We never want an athlete to be unable to play lacrosse due to missing some of a season.

Will the games be video taped by the team?

TBD, Parents are welcome to film and take pictures of the game. The team is currently looking into a VEO camera that would film our games at tournaments but nothing has been decided yet.

Are the coaches Volunteers? 

Coaches are given a stipend per season, and we cover all expenses related to tournaments for our coaching staff. 

How are travel tournaments structured?

Travel tournaments are a 2 day event with 4 to 5 games. The first day we are randomly assigned teams within our division to play. based on how we do on day 1 we are then ranked an placed into a bracket system and assigned teams to face. Win and we move on to face tougher competition, lose and we face lower competition. 

Are there opportunities to volunteer?

Yes we are always looking for parents to get involved. Before a tournament we will send our a sign up list for people to bring tents and refreshments for the boys. If you have any suggestions please let your head coach know before the tournament. 

If we missed anything please email us using the button below. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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